Sunday, June 29, 2014

Review of the Popular Need for Speed World Boost Hack

I've been browsing the internet for online game hacks so I could check them if they really work and one hack fell in to my eyes - the need for speed world hacks produced by

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I went into their website and went straight to the video proofs to see what have they came up with.

By watching the video proofs it seems the hacks are working flawlessly.

They have two hacks for nfs world. One is a Need for Speed World Money Hack and the other is Need for Speed World Boost Hack.

I'm going to review the Need for Speed World Boost Hack because the Money Hack is already reviewed here

NFS World Hack original website

So I went and downloaded the boost hack from their big green button to my desktop and launched it.
My antivirus didn't yell that it's a virus so that's a good sign.

I selected "GameLauncher.exe" and clicked Launch game.
I then logged into my account and started the game.

Made a quick test drive like in the video and went back to the safe house. Pushed F5 as instructed in the video and in the hacks instructions. Then I checked my boost points and nothing had changed. So I figured another fake hack, but after around 5 minutes of driving around the city I checked the boost points again and saw an increase of 1000 points.

To be honest I was a bit surprised and excited.

Finally a working hack for an online game!

Thank you hack developers!

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