Wednesday, April 11, 2012


A few weeks ago I've been contacted by the lovely Lela of the Interior Design Blog SeaseightBlog to be part of her post-serie "bloggerhome" - It's a nice way to show how the bloggers live, in their most private spaces, is it their rooms or their flats.
I was totally happy when she asked me, because it is a while that I wanted to show you my 45mq of apartment here in Rome, whitch of course is also where I create all the internodiciotto jewelry.

Many of you know that my shop/blog name got it's name from the flat, so you can immagine how important this place is to me! :D

To check out the whole story switch over to Lela's blog Seaseight...and let me know what you think of it!
I'm just so curious. oh, and suggestions are of course welcome! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

happy eastern on Pinterest

Eastern in on our doors and tomorrow afternoon we are heading home to Bolzano for three family-days.
Can't wait to see the kids, they are growing too fast.
Well, in theese days I am converting friends to Pinterest- I got totally addicted to it, what's about you?
Love it too? If you have an own moodboard I would love to catch up with you, so let me know your usernames please - you can find me HERE.
Wish you all
happy eastern

and lots of chocolateeggs... ghhhh!!!!! 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blueberry Statements

Hi there! This last week I managed to make a lot of jewelry, because I wanted to join a market here in Rome in two weeks where artists sell their handmade stuff. I´ve been part of such an event in the past and also if I am quite akward behind that table ( I am totally not qualified to sell) it has nonetheless been nice. Right now I am still awaiting an answer from the organisation if there are any places left, but I am afraid not. Lets cross the fingers! 

Well, if there are any Etsy sellers between my followers they maybe got the same Etsy-Success newsletter about taking good pictures with models for the shop - this time myself, but I asked my neighbor for the next shoot :D. They made a really nice video explaining how important it is to shoot your items right and to show the buyers how to use the product (in my case - how to wear it). 

I´ve stopped with outfit shoots a while ago (and cancelled them from the blog) so Marco hadn´t to take pics for a while, but yesterday he got to shoot again and tadaaa!!! Here are the pics! I really love them a lot, also if I always feel really weard to shoot in front of the door to get some strange looks from neighbors, hehe! 

 Here is the link for the necklace and the shop where you can find all the friendship bracelets.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


As you may know. every two months I got to change something in our apartment. Some new furniture or simply new arrangement of the spaces and so on.
Right now I want to catch some of the colors, it's too heavy in there. I see everywhere this ispiring white spaces with touches of black and wood. Wish I could just design everything new, but that happens just in my daydreams... take a lot at this spaces, most pics are from two of my favorite interior design blogs annaleena HEM and Emmas Designblog.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Be real


This is an Etsy saying that captured my attention a few weeks ago.
I realized that I personally LOVE to read blogs where the blogger talk about their personal lifes, difficoults and feelings and so on and I manages it to be quite a stranger to my followers.

There are momentes I don't want people to know me, afraid if there would be people argumenting in a negative way in my working area (also if this blog doesn't has anything to to with my professional life), but you know... being afraid is always part of our lives. For I while I didn't even post pictures about myself, but hey, this is my personal inspiration blog and a place where to show you my hobbies so WTF am I getting that stressed?

Sure there are moments I just want to show you some ispirations without talk that much, but I think it's nice to see as well who is behind all this stuff, right? So I'll try to get more personal and especially REAL in future... wish you the best, I'm heeding into the weekend! smak

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

pastel inspiration goes on...

via where did u get that, stylebubble, stockholm streetstyle...

Some inspiration to share with you - I'm all into pastel colors…

UPDATE: The last pic (totally looove that sweater) is JEN from The Style Crusader, a totally amazing blog you should check.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

fashion trend: LEMON CANDY

via: hanneli, late afternoon, joujouvaleroy, unknown

You might know that I am a huge lover of pastel colors: light pink, mint, salmon, liliac are all part of my wardrobe. I had some problems with baby blue, but I am starting a relation ship with it too.

Right now a fashion favorite is LEMON CANDY YELLOW.
It's a big big love! Especially in combination with all shades of gray and other pastels. Fashion weeks are full of it and I have to get me some pieces quick. What's about you, like it or hate it?