Sunday, February 16, 2014

the Best Man's Speech: Hearing It From The Best Man

It is a tradition in weddings to include the family, relatives and friends of the groom and bride in the matrimonial ceremony itself. They are also most certainly part of the program at the wedding reception.

A bride chooses her bridesmaids. Bridesmaids are usually the bride's closest friends or female family members. She also chooses a maid of honor who is either the best girl friend or a girl sibling. The groom, on the other hand, chooses his groomsmen who serve as ushers for the guests on the wedding itself. The groomsmen chosen by the groom are expected to be his friends or his relatives. From this set of groomsmen, a best man will be chosen. The best man is more often than not the best friend of the groom or a brother of his.

The best man is considered to be the primary male assistant to the groom at a wedding. He is commonly expected to assist the bridegroom on his wedding day; make sure that the wedding rings are secured until they are needed in the matrimonial ceremony; to act as a witness to the marriage; and to make a toast to the newlyweds at the wedding reception.

The toast requires a best man's speech. The speech may be story about how the newlyweds met; how the courtship began; and how the best man itself witnessed the blossoming of the newlyweds' love story. It is expected that the best man's speech will give honor and recognition to the groom and bride of course.

To write a pleasing and entertaining best man's speech, the best man must imagine the groom and his wife and recall important details. First, the best man should include important dates in his speech. He may include how long the newlywed couple has been together or how long they have known each other. It could also include a background of the bride. A paragraph about her is enough because the speech will really not be about her. Another thing to include is the best man's knowledge of what the newlyweds want from their married lives and togetherness.

The next essential details of a best man's speech are stories about the groom. Funny stories about the groom's old flames can get the audience's attention and can surely make the groom burst in laughter. However, the story has to be real and understandable. Making the story too short will create vagueness and making it unreal will just frustrate the groom and people who know. Another thing that can be included in the speech is how the groom is – what kind of friend he is; what kind of partner and father he will be to his wife and future children; and what he is as a man.

The last things that should be in the speech are the achievements of the groom himself, whether they are in academics, romance, sports, and career. It will always flatter the groom hearing all of his achievements.

Hearing the funniest facts from the best man, who is the groom's closest buddy, will surely make the newlyweds and the crowd laugh their hearts out.

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