Friday, March 23, 2012

Be real


This is an Etsy saying that captured my attention a few weeks ago.
I realized that I personally LOVE to read blogs where the blogger talk about their personal lifes, difficoults and feelings and so on and I manages it to be quite a stranger to my followers.

There are momentes I don't want people to know me, afraid if there would be people argumenting in a negative way in my working area (also if this blog doesn't has anything to to with my professional life), but you know... being afraid is always part of our lives. For I while I didn't even post pictures about myself, but hey, this is my personal inspiration blog and a place where to show you my hobbies so WTF am I getting that stressed?

Sure there are moments I just want to show you some ispirations without talk that much, but I think it's nice to see as well who is behind all this stuff, right? So I'll try to get more personal and especially REAL in future... wish you the best, I'm heeding into the weekend! smak

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